Malaysian Import Duty    

If you are in the trading business in Malaysia where you import or export products, then your products are subjected to Import Duty which are imposed Ad Valorem. Ad Valorem is a latin word used to describe taxation which is imposed based on the value and the quantity of the item.

There is a certain percentage of taxation imposed on certain products in a specific category and the tax involved will be multiplied according to the quantity you are importing.

Malaysia submits to the ASEAN Common Effective Preferential Tariffs (CEPT) scheme where all traded industrial goods within the ASEAN region would be imposed between 0 to 5% of import duty. In recent years, Malaysia has been involved with other members around the region in the discussion of the free trade agreements which, once confirmed will surely directly affect the import duty into Malaysia.

Currently, bilateral free trade has been signed between Malaysia and Japan under the Japan-Malaysia Economic Partnership Agreement while similar initiatives have also been made between Korea and China as well.

Basically, most tradable items would be subjected to import duty and recently the government announced that they were planning to cancel the import duty of some 300 products from known brands.

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